Ministry of Tourism Development, Wildlife & Christian Religious Affairs

22 nd April 2019

Media Release

Easter Sunday Terror –

Message from Hon. Minister of Tourism, Wildlife & Christian Religious Affairs, John Amaratunga

It is with profound sadness that I offer my condolences to the families of those who perished in the terror unleashed on Easter morning. So manyinnocent people worshiping in three churches on this holiest day in the Christian calendar have fallen victim to these barbaric acts.

I wish all those who have been injured in these attacks a speedy recovery. The government has already made necessary arrangements to provide medical care to all those who have been injured.

It is beyond belief that innocent people including tourists have been targeted in this senseless slaughter carried out by a well-organizedgroup. According to the latest information 39 tourists have died in the attacks on three hotels while 28 have been injured.I condemn in the strongest possible terms these barbaric acts which have destroyed families and the peace that prevailed in this country during the past decade.

I wish to assure that the government has taken every possible measure to ensure the safety of the public and especially tourists who are in the country at this time.

The relevant authorities on the directions of the President and Prime Minister have launched a comprehensive investigation to identify and apprehend those behind these attacks.

I call upon the Christian community to stay calm at this very difficult time and pray for all those who have been affected by the attacks.

God bless you all.

Minister of Tourism, Wildlife & Christian Religious Affairs, John Amaratunga


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